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Nanjing Juli Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development of plastic polymer compounding and modifying equipment with co-rotating twin-screw extruder as the core, as well as the technical development of related processes and engineering fields, as well as the scientific research, development and production of auxiliary equipment Manufacturer company. There are many engineers, experts and experienced on-site commissioning engineers who have been engaged in research and production in the twin screw field (formerly Coperion Keya, Ganhua Machinery, South Rubber) for many years. The registered capital is 16 million yuan. There are four modern standard factory buildings, covering an area of ​​more than 200 million square meters, and have obtained 8 national new utility patents and 2 invention patents. It has more than 80 machining centers, CNC boring machines, lathes, thread grinders and various processing equipment. The company's quality inspection department has purchased instruments such as hardness tester, three-coordinate measuring instrument, metal flaw detector, etc. to effectively control the product quality. The monthly processing capacity is more than 500 knots, and the annual production unit is more than 400 sets. The equipment is widely used in the production of special materials, master batches, engineering modified materials, automotive materials, wires and cables, large plastic pipes, plates, petrochemicals, chemical fiber construction, medicine, agriculture and national defense. Products are exported to ASEAN, Middle East, India, North America, Eastern Europe, North Africa countries and regions.
     "Superb innovative technology, perfect service" is the business purpose of the company. Various process technologies and supporting plastic granulation technologies for the modification of degradable plastics, modified plastics, and blended plastics: degradable plastic master batches, multiple compound modified plastics, special granulators and mixing for blended plastic modification Equipment must be your choice to create benefits.
     "Made for you" is the company's unchanging feature, to meet customer requirements, provide technical design, machine assembly, customer on-site commissioning and other services to create more and greater economic and social benefits for customers in a timely manner.
     "Establishing a brand and marching into the world" is the goal that the company has been pursuing tirelessly since its establishment. While based in the domestic machinery market, we continue to absorb foreign advanced production technology, scientific management systems and timely market information, and strive Synchronize our products with the development of world machinery. The application of new technologies such as plastic-wood compounding, intelligent control, and electromagnetic heating has also brought high recognition and praise from our customers.
     "Juli Plastic Machine" will serve you wholeheartedly and work with you to create a better tomorrow for the market.

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No. 77 Tangtong Road / No. 9 Boguang Road, Hushu Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing City


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