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Juli Corporate Culture:
Integrity management, seeking truth from facts, striving for innovation, unity and cooperation, passion for work
Juli Enterprise Purpose:
Quality first, honest service
        The "corporate culture" originated from a comparative study of American and Japanese companies in the 1970s. At that time, the United States lost a streak in the competition with Japanese companies. In the face of severe situations and challenges, American corporate managers began to treat typical American and Japanese companies. Conduct comparative research and explore the mystery. Experts found that the corporate gap between the United States and Japan lies not in material elements such as technology, equipment, and capital, but in the difference between the two corporate cultures. Japanese companies generally have a strong cohesion, employees have a stronger spirit of dedication, and the company is one-hearted, coordinated, practical, disciplined, and capable of adapting and adapting. All this is attributed to the Japanese corporate culture that integrates Western rationality and Eastern spirituality. Therefore, the concept of corporate culture began to attract the attention of American scholars and the world.
         The culture of Juli is not about shouting slogans, nor is it a hollow for external decoration. She is the spiritual foundation of our business, is the strength of a group of brothers and sisters from all over the world, and is the direction standard for a piece of equipment from a component to a qualified finished product into actual use! She allows all employees of an enterprise to subtly accept common values, and guide their thoughts and behaviors to achieve company goals. A company without corporate culture is like a pool of stagnant water, and it can never gather rivers to accommodate hundreds of rivers to make itself bigger and stronger. She restrains us and inspires us, unites each of our employees, and works towards a goal together --- to produce higher-quality equipment and serve each customer well!

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