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After-sales service

After-sales service

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A good brand is inseparable from two principles, one is quality, and the other is service. Only better service can create a good customer reputation. The company has 12 professional debugging and maintenance technicians who are engaged in twin-screw extruders. In the short commissioning period of more than five years, we have rich practical experience, and can also assist customers to adjust the process formula and make the product better. Their responsibilities are: while on-site installation and commissioning, help customers train operators until the customers can fully operate production by themselves.
       As the main component of the company's service center, the chairman of our company is directly under the leadership of the company's chairman, without any links, and the after-sales service department promises: a phone call, rush to the scene within 24 hours.
       In order to ensure that the equipment is always running and customers are assured and satisfied, our company provides accessories and well-trained maintenance personnel to provide customers with prompt and timely maintenance services. Specific after-sales service content is as follows:
      (1) Freely assign dedicated after-sales service personnel to arrive at the customer site for installation and commissioning.
      (2) On-site training of operators.
      (3) Our company has its own factory for wearing parts and cooperates with the factory to ensure timely supply of original spare parts.
      (4) During the warranty period, all parts replacement due to quality or unnatural wear and tear will be replaced by us free of charge.
      (5) During the warranty period, all repairs including natural wear and tear and quality problems are free of man-hours.
       Nanjing Juli has been actively paying attention to the healthy growth of the industry and the simultaneous development of technical service capabilities and product updates for a long time. Many of its technicians have accumulated rich and practical product maintenance skills and experience in the process of customer service, and have passed large-scale technology every year. Training sessions or seminars promote and popularize product maintenance technology to enhance the technical capabilities and service levels of the after-sales technical service team. In 2011, the after-sales service department took "enhance the technical service capabilities of the team and strengthen the convenience of technical services" to a new level. It will promote the overall improvement of technical service capabilities through a series of high-level and practical trainings, and shape a strong team. Customers create greater value.
      List of professional after-sales service personnel of our company:
      Hu Liqing, Hao Jingyuan, Ge Jun, Sun Baojin, Qu Lei, Cheng Junhua
      Sun Nanjing Liu Xiang Zhang Fei Du Tai'an Lu Ye Jiang Erfu
      Sun Nanjing is based in Xiong County, Hebei, responsible for Hebei, Tianjin, and Beijing area services
      Zhang Fei is based in Zibo, Shandong and is responsible for Shandong regional service
      Liu Xiang is based in Chengdu and is responsible for services in the Southwest
      Du Tai'an is based in Guangzhou and is responsible for Guangdong service
      The rest can be dispatched at any time to serve all parts of the country!

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