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Our company is now recruiting staff for the following positions:
1. Equipment fitter (several)
        Job Requirements:
        1. Graduated from mechatronics, numerical control, mechanical manufacturing and other related majors, able to read drawings
        2. To engage in this job requires serious and careful attention. Hardworking, hardworking, willing to learn to engage in mechanical processing industry
        3. Good moral character, good sense of teamwork and able to actively complete the instructions and tasks assigned by superiors
        4. Age 20-40
        Salary: Negotiable
2. Mechanical assembly (1~2 people)
       Job Requirements:
       1. Install and assemble the product according to the design requirements of the drawings;
       2. Keep the tooling, tools and facilities of this process to ensure the continuity of work
       3. Obey management, can bear hardships and stand hard work, behave properly, and have no bad habits
       4. Age 20-40
       Salary: Negotiable
3. Mechanical engineer (1 person)
      Job Requirements:
      1. Responsible for the technical management of the machinery department and participate in product development
      2. More than 3 years of relevant work experience in the twin screw extruder industry, familiar with the use of PS and CAD design software
      3. Good character, team spirit, able to complete project tasks independently
      4. Age 20-40
      5. Priority in the plastic extruder industry
      Salary: Negotiable
4. CNC machine operator/apprentice
     job requirements:
     1. 18-45 years old, in good health and good conduct
     2. Vocational education or above, related majors preferred
     3. Obey management, bear hardships and stand hard work, and work hard
5. Pre-sale documentary (technical support) 1
     Job Requirements:
     1. Have good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, able to withstand work pressure, and team spirit
     2. CET-4 or above, good listening and speaking skills
     3. Priority with mechanical foundation
     4. More than one year of work experience is preferred, excellent fresh graduates are also available
     Salary negotiable
6. Turner (2~3)
     Job Requirements:
     1. Have three years and above lathe experience
     2. Proficiency in operating lathes, self-made tools, tooling, fixtures, etc.
     3. Quick thinking and good hands-on ability
     4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and self-motivated, strong ability to withstand pressure
     Salary negotiable
7. Skilled fitter
     job requirements:
     1. 18-45 years old, in good health and good conduct
     2. Familiar with the twin-screw industry, mainly doing barrels, side milling, fitter (being perforated)
     3. Obey management, bear hardships and stand hard work, and work hard
     Salary: 5000-7000 yuan
8. Foreign trade manager (3 persons)
     Monthly salary: 8000-10000 yuan
     Working years: 1-3 years
     Minimum education: junior college
     Salary composition: basic salary + commission
     1. College degree or above, major in business English, international trade, machinery related;
     2. More than 1 year of work experience in foreign trade related fields such as machinery manufacturing industry; fresh graduates with excellent conditions are also acceptable.
     3. Understand the import and export business process, and be familiar with foreign trade import and export business links;
     4. English proficiency level 6 or above 4, good personal comprehensive quality, mastering a small language is preferred; proficient in using various office software;
     5. Possess good communication, expression, coordination and execution abilities, work steadily and earnestly, respond quickly and sensitively, and have a strong sense of responsibility.
     Job Responsibilities:
     1. College degree or above, able to complete daily business communication in English, fluent in oral English, familiar with international trade and business English related majors;
     2. More than one or two years of experience in foreign trade export operations;
     3. Familiar with foreign trade business processes and various links; understand the precautions for foreign trade contract signing and foreign trade risk prevention and control methods;
     4. Possess good communication, coordination and execution skills, work steadily and earnestly, and have a strong sense of responsibility.
     Working hours: 08:00-17:00, single break, insurance payment, shuttle bus to live in the city, company dormitory, normal rest on statutory holidays, lunch at noon, and welfare during the holidays!
  working address:
  No. 9 Boguang Road, Industrial Concentration Zone, Hushu Street, Jiangning District, Nanjing
 Welfare and transportation:
     1. Provide five insurances and working lunch;
     2. Weekly single off work system;
     3. Provide special shuttle bus: Line: Zhonghua Gate (Subway Station) --- Kazi Gate --- Shuanglong Street - Fork Road --- Wenjing Road --- Shangfang --- Hushu
 Eligible and interested parties please send your resume and recent one-inch bareheaded photos to our company’s email address: njjl@njjl.com
 Work location: Hushu Industrial Park, Jiangning District, Nanjing
 Contact: Miss Wu Tel: 025-85099576 to 8888 Email: 2082488106@qq.com

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No. 77 Tangtong Road / No. 9 Boguang Road, Hushu Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing City


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