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Juli Extrusion Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.-Application characteristics of stone plastic paper/stone paper/synthetic paper:
(1) Save resources. The raw materials used in synthetic paper are mainly inorganic powders such as calcium carbonate and synthetic resins. It does not require wood and natural plant fibers. In production, only trace amounts of circulating water are required in the equipment, which saves a lot of trees and water resources.
(2) Outstanding environmental protection. No water, wood pulp, steam, no toxic or harmful gases are produced in the production of synthetic paper, no waste water, waste residue, or exhaust gas are discharged. The leftover material in the production can be automatically recycled and recycled after processing, and the production process does not cause environmental damage Pollution or hazard.
After the synthetic paper is applied, it can be 100% recycled and reused. It is also possible to adjust the production raw material formula according to different uses, and the produced synthetic paper can be naturally degraded in the natural environment after being used and discarded.
(3) Excellent application performance. Synthetic paper is a new product that replaces paper with plastic, replaces wood with plastic, and has the dual functions of plastic and paper. It has durability, high tear strength, good puncture resistance, and good folding resistance, especially in high-end printed matter. , Can present the advantages of bright color, full and bright, good bonding compatibility and so on.
(4) Good hygiene. The raw and auxiliary materials of synthetic paper are non-toxic, tasteless, and pollution-free. The product can directly contact with daily chemicals, food, medicine, light industry and other products without toxic side effects.
(5) Good chemical stability. Synthetic paper can be used for the packaging of most chemicals. It has good chemical stability, good moisture resistance, anti-moth, mildew, and corrosion resistance.
(6) Good processability. It can be used for cutting, die-cutting, printing, bronzing, punching, folding, gluing, coating, laminating, laminating and other processing methods.

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