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Stone plastic paper equipment

Stone plastic paper equipment

Nanjing Juli Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. has been actively engaged in the research and development of stone-plastic paper production equipment since 2008. The casting method is considered the most economical and suitable, and the cost of stone-plastic paper is also the lowest in terms of process requirements. The tireless mechanical professional R&D team combined with the guidance of industry experts in the formulation process, Juli currently has a complete equipment process overall solution, providing customers with stone-plastic paper production lines from plant construction guidance to equipment supply to formulation process provision Serve until the qualified products are produced and the turnkey project of this project is completed.
     To achieve the perfect transformation of environmentally friendly papermaking, "plastic to replace paper and plastic to replace wood", Gathering Plastic Machinery pledges to create a better tomorrow with customers!
Features of Juli Stone Paper Equipment:
Small footprint: Juli stone paper equipment occupies a small footprint, accounting for only 1/10 of the traditional paper production area
Low cost of equipment input: only 1/5 of traditional paper equipment is required
Clean production process: no dust, no sewage treatment, clean production environment
Reduce labor: basically realize automatic production, the number of workers is only 1/8 of traditional paper
No production waste: Wastewater, coal ash, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions are generated during the traditional paper production process
Save water resources: Only a small amount of cooling water is needed. Compared with traditional paper, 110 tons of fresh water are saved for every ton of stone plastic paper produced! This is of great significance to alleviate water stress
   Energy saving: Compared with traditional fiber paper production, each ton of stone plastic paper produced can save electricity 280Kwh, which is 1/2 of traditional paper production equipment.
 Juli's stone paper production equipment adopts the flow\calendering method production process: batching, blending, extrusion to produce special masterbatch, then extrusion, calendering, stretching, cooling, surface treatment, coating, slitting and winding It is the base paper. High production efficiency, good product quality, low production cost, smooth paper surface, especially suitable for printing high-end picture albums and book covers.
Main equipment for masterbatch production: high-cooling mixer, masterbatch granulation production line.
Total volume: length X width X height = 40 meters X 8.5 meters X 8 meters
Production capacity: 500-800KG/H about 5000 tons/year
Product paper thickness range: 0.08—0.3MM (sheet: 0.3MM-1.2MM)
Edge waste processing: automatic recycling, automatic crushing, automatic filling
Operation control: automatic computer control, automatic monitoring, automatic transmission, automatic closed loop
Production process: clean production, no pollution, no dust, no waste, automatic filling of raw materials
Number of production workers: about 15 people/three shifts (sets of equipment)
For stone-paper equipment projects, please consult 025-84986163 / 13584078193 Miss Zhang (Project Department)

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